Our Philosophy

Nonprofit organizations do tremendous good in our communities and around the world. Whether meeting tangible needs, solving community problems or seeking justice, these organizations are transforming lives and communities. At OneAccord, we feel called to serve these organizations by encouraging, equipping and guiding them to raise more funds, engage more people in their causes and multiply their impact.

OneAccord Principals have prepared for this work through long careers of service in the nonprofit and for-profit world. We are strategists, fundraisers, and problem-solvers who are committed to helping our clients carry out their missions and achieve their visions.


OneAccord Principals are partners and encouragers to our clients. We seek to speak the truth that might otherwise go unsaid, and to say it with compassion and hope. We diligently seek to discern and understand the work of our clients, and encourage them in achieving their visions for their organizations and causes.


OneAccord Principals seek to equip our clients for success that will outlast our engagement. There is a high level of accountability in our work – we are hired to get results! So, we equip our clients with tools and strategies that will multiply our work and provide long-term, transformational solutions.


OneAccord Principals also provide guidance. We help clients navigate the various challenges of running effective organizations while being good stewards of their resources. We are expert troubleshooters, relying on personal experience, team problem solving, and creative thinking, as we come alongside our clients in supporting their work.


Ultimately, OneAccord is about bringing transformation to the organizations we serve. We feel called to serve our clients so that their organizations can be transformed to effectively carry out their missions and realize their visions.

Our Standards: Community Outcomes

Ultimately, our efforts are measured by the outcomes of the organizations we serve. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards of integrity, honesty, transparency, hard work and humility. We also stand accountable for tangible results that have impact on the causes in which we serve. It is a noble calling to play a part in the work of the individuals and organizations that are working to change their communities and the world.