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Scott Smith - President of OneAccord Scott Smith has an extensive performance history in creating revenue. His revenue experience covers two decades of implementing sales and marketing strategies including consulting, manufacturing, telemarketing, telecommunications and mergers & acquisitions. Scott joined OneAccord in June of 2009 and immediately joined the ranks as one of the highest producers at the firm. Complimenting his operating experience with several successful customer engagements and his unique ability to develop and train sales leaders, Scott led OneAccord in the role of President from January 2011 to July 2013. Currently, he continues as a Principal in the Northwest region.

Prior to joining OneAccord, Scott was President/CEO of a Seattle-based sheet metal contract manufacturing business. During his ten years as President/CEO, the company grew revenues from $18m to $70m. At the foundation of this growth was a new organizational vision to increase efficiency and promote growth to its fortune 500 customer base. To accomplish this, a cultural and strategic transformation took place in order to align its 450 employees with the company’s sales focus. Successful implementation of this strategic plan included geographical and customer diversification, creating a global sourcing division, and adding mechanical and electromechanical assembly capabilities which resulted in providing revenue and profit growth without additional investment in capital equipment.

Before joining the Manufacturing company, Scott was Regional Manager working for an individual private equity investor. Scott identified, led & closed five acquisitions/private placements that resulted in $50 million dollars of transaction value.

In this role he gained an understanding of the private equity markets, mid-market valuations, and how to increase the enterprise value of mid-market privately held companies. With each of the investments, Scott participated on the Board of Directors and took interim Senior Management positions.

Prior to the Investment Firm, Scott was Regional Sales Vice President for a Fortune 500 long-distance telecommunication company. In this role, Scott was responsible for leading a sales team of over 100 Sales Representatives throughout the Northwest. The Northwest region sales team was producing at a level that was more than double the production of the rest of the company.

“We aim to deliver world class consultation and interim leadership. Our clients deserve nothing less.”

Client Comments:

Jack Marlow, CEO Eden Pest Control: “Scott does not come with a lot of hype like some consultants, but rather a down to business professionalism and genuine interest in you, your company, and a sincere desire to make an impact. He has the knowledge to go deep, and the common sense to keep things at an actionable level. He is extremely easy to work with, and is direct and to the point.”

Curt Burnett, CEO Seametrics: “Scott has been extremely helpful at Seametrics in our process of remaking our sales and marketing department. He has been creative, flexible, and sensitive to all of the people issues involved. We couldn’t have come this far without him. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone for this kind of work.” May 24, 2010

Mark Morris, Partner, Blue Point Capital: “At Blue Point Capital, I had the opportunity to hire Scott and two other OneAccord partners to work a project with one of our portfolio companies. I was very impressed with the work, professionalism and overall value received from both Scott and OneAccord. With Scott’s experience in Sr. Management and in Sales creation, he came into this company and was quickly able to map out an executable revenue plan. Scott has a very straight forward, no nonsense style that was refreshing. I have given Scott and the OneAccord team recommendations in the past and I look forward to having other opportunities to engage Scott and OneAccord within our portfolio companies in the future.”

Mike Peery, CEO Tecplot: “I am very pleased with the value Tecplot, Inc. has received from Scott Smith. For years I have been dissatisfied with the growth rate of our sales. We have done OK in growing sales, but I thought there was more we could do. We have great, smart, and passionate sales people, but we don’t have a lot of sales management experience. I asked my network of colleagues about what to do; I got Scott Smith’s name from several of them. I engaged Scott to work for our company (Tecplot, Inc.) in the middle of 2009 and signed him up again for 2010 to help us grow sales. We are now ramping up the size of our sales team and watching our sales pipelines fill with opportunities that did not exist before. This bodes well for future sales, which I am very excited about. I can’t say enough good things about Scott. He has a straight-forward, no-nonsense methodology for managing sales teams, he has sales management wisdom from his decades of sales experience that he uses to easily address many of our sales issues, and he is one of the easiest consultants to work with. I highly recommend Scott for anyone that needs a big boost in their sales numbers.”