The Right Person and the Right Process

The issues around increasing funding and improving organizational effectiveness are diverse and complex.

Effective solutions require holistic thinking and seasoned leadership. OneAccord’s approach is simple. Our Principals are the solution.

Solving development and organizational challenges requires experience – real world, ministry-based, seasoned, results-proven experience. OneAccord’s Principals are fomer executive directors, CEOs and development leaders – they’ve been in the shoes of our clients. They have carried the weight of leadership, facing and overcoming a myriad of development and organizational challenges.

Through professional partnership, OneAccord Principals work with our clients to achieve extraordinary results, advancing the organization’s mission to reach the fullest potential.

Open, Honest Dialogue

Strategic planning that truly advances an organization


One of the most costly and risky processes any organization goes through is a transition in leadership; whether this is a new CEO, Executive Director, Superintendent, Senior Pastor or a VP for Development. Handled carefully and correctly, the potential momentum and rewards are equally significant.

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Funding Campaigns

We are specialists in conducting successful capital campaigns and annual fund campaigns. We will help you write and implement a comprehensive development plan for your ministry, and provide the expertise to guide you through its successful implementation.

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Organizational Effectiveness

All organizations have blind spots leading to ineffective processes which increase soft costs and affect the bottom line. OneAccord provides an experienced set of lenses to help identify these problem areas, then partners with you to provide immediate and tangible solutions, effectively reforming of your organization.

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Review. Analysis. Discovery. Action. Response. RADAR is the most comprehensive organizational assessment available to help identify weaknesses and blind spots, and build a plan for sustainability and success. Your organization will receive a score in each key area along with an overall score.

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