Transition & Crisis Leadership

Is Your Organization in a Leadership Transition? One of the most costly and risky processes any organization goes through is a transition in leadership; whether this is a new CEO, Executive Director, Superintendent, Senior Pastor or VP of Development. Handled carefully and correctly, the potential momentum and rewards are equally significant.


How It Works

We help organizations make successful transitions. Each OneAccord Principal offers significant experience and specific expertise as a former executive director, or senior leader of a nonprofit organization. Your Principal will step in as an interim leader providing the following key services:

  • Strategic consultation with board
  • Operational direction and follow through
  • Analysis of leadership role and objectives
  • Development of a job/role description
  • Planning and fundraising
  • Facilitation of executive search and interviewing
  • Mentoring and oversight of new leader
  • Reporting

Benefits to Your Organization

The benefits of having experienced interim leadership from the start of the process through the successful integration of the new leader are significant including:

  • No lost opportunity costs due to down time
  • Leadership to help your organization know the skills and characteristics you need in a new leader
  • Time for your organization you make the right choice and not one out of expediency
  • An objective assessment of organizational effectiveness and a plan to improve it
  • No lost time in your fundraising work
  • Stability for your staff and donors during the transition
  • A significantly higher probability of hiring the right person and allowing that person to transition into the job in a way that will ensure early success

We are leadership transition specialists. OneAccord Nonprofit Principals are specialists in providing interim, fractional and transitional executive leadership.