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Tell Your Story Well

We know why people give. But often there is a “disconnect” between why people give and how we ask them to give. The resolution? Tell your story well. As you tell your story well, givers will have more joy and satisfaction, and you will raise more money for your important work. In this series of [...]


Learn from Mistakes

Four Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid

I’ve been observing and learning from relationship mistakes in fundraising for 30 years, and there is usually a good intention behind every mistake that is made. Often mistakes are made by well-motivated professionals who want to see the mission of their organization advanced. Many of these could have been avoided by heeding the counsel of [...]


Fundraising in Everyone's Business

Fundraising is Everyone’s Business

Whether your nonprofit is large or small, you can help your staff (program, administrative, and development) understand that fulfilling their job description alone is not enough to move the mission forward. With your vision and guidance, they can learn how to help you with fundraising…and even enjoy it! You know from your experience as a [...]



The Year-End Nonprofit Appeal Letter I Want to Receive

Here’s the Calendar Year-End Appeal I wish would arrive in my inbox this week. Dear Long-Time Monthly Giver, Greetings! I know your inbox and mailbox are probably full of letters from organizations requesting your last-minute donations. Mine is overflowing. So, I’m writing to let you know that your ongoing commitment and work with ABC Youth [...]



How to Get Broader Based Support for Your Mission

I’ve been working with an early learning program in Washington as a nonprofit consultant, with a focus of building a strong system to shape a solid foundation of learning and success. Forming a coalition of organizations that rarely work together isn’t easy, but when done right, can have a significant positive impact on a community. [...]