The Seven Deadly Sins of Christian Fundraising

We believe that there are seven deadly sins that face every Christian fundraiser. We base this belief on the understanding of Biblical stewardship and the reality of the spiritual battle in which we are engaged as Christian development professionals. As a result, we are convinced that God-pleasing development work carries with it a whole series of [...]



The OneAccord Interim Leadership Service

By OneAccord Principals The Best Guides are Those Who have Traveled the Road Before “Our CEO just announced his resignation. We have three months to find a replacement. We doubt we will be able to find someone that quickly. We don’t want to rush the process, but we cannot afford to have a vacancy in [...]


ministry of professional partnership

The Ministry of Professional Partnership

At OneAccord, we feel called to the ministry of professional partnership… The Ministry of Professional Partnership is a calling to serve the kingdom of God through the process of encouraging, equipping and guiding ministries and churches for greater effectiveness. We affirm that this profession is a calling by God. OneAccord Partners have been prepared for [...]


One Essential Thing

The One Essential Thing

Being an effective board member truly comes down to one essential thing – a commitment to studying God’s word and walking in faith and obedience. Have you ever tried to boil down your thinking on a particular topic of life to the one most essential item? For instance, if you could accomplish only one thing [...]



Facing Challenging Times

By OneAccord Principals The best approach for leaders is first ruthless and humble self-awareness… When challenging times face nonprofit leaders, strategic thinking, hard decisions and clear communication become imperative components of a leader’s activities. In mission-driven agencies, passionate leaders may sometimes lack the skills to know what actions are best. In this case, a specific component [...]