The Steward Leader

Scott Rodin, one of OneAccord Nonprofit’s Founding Principals, authored a compelling work on the power and principles of transformational leadership.

Whether in churches, nonprofit ministries or in business, the need for sound leadership is readily apparent. Drawing on his years of experience in development and fundraising, and his extensive theological training, Scott Rodin offers a new paradigm–a transformational approach to leadership that is biblically sound, theologically rich and practically compelling.

Everyone has a different idea of what a leader should be. How can any one person be everything? Scott brings unity and clarity to this confusing and demanding picture of leadership. He offers a comprehensive model that brings together a biblical understanding of holistic stewardship with the best in leadership studies.


Part One: Becoming a Steward Leader

Part Two: Three Foundations

  • Leading in the Image of the Triune God
  • The Freedom of the Steward Leader
  • The Distinctiveness of the Steward Leader
Part Three: Four Transformations and Four Trajectories
  • Stewards of Our Relationship with Our Creator God
  • Stewards of Relationship with Ourselves
  • Stewards of Our Relationship with Our Neighbor
  • Stewards of Our Relationship with God’s Creation

Leadership on Demand

  • Prevent Performance Gaps in Marketing and Sales from Blocking Your Revenue Growth
  • Techniques for Maintaining Business Momentum and Containing Costs During Economic Uncertainty

OneAccord published Leadership on Demand to explain the best practice and principles of interim executive leadership. The revenue engine of any organization is its Marketing and Sales team. When the engine is in tune and “firing on all cylinders,” the company grows, revenue climbs, market share expands. However, when there are gaps, the engine’s performance sputters.

OneAccord shows companies how to tap interim management to drive revenue and overcome performance gaps, such as:

  • Leadership Vacancies in Marketing and Sales That Exist for Months on End
  • Temporary Bandwidth Gaps That Prevent the Company From Jumping on Market Opportunities
  • Temporary Skill-Set Gaps That Hinder Achievement of Key Objectives


  • Filling the Performance Vacuum
  • Knowing When It’s Time for An Alternative Solution
  • On-Demand Leadership for Small or Early-Stage Organizations
  • On-Demand Leadership for Large Organizations
  • Bridging Gaps During the Search for a Permanent Hire
  • Tips for Scoping the Engagement
  • When Not to Use an On-Demand Leader
  • Socializing the Engagement Within Your Organization
  • Finding On-Demand Leaders
  • Selecting and Managing the On-Demand Leader
  • Compensating the On-Demand Leader
  • Interims and Headhunters. Oil and Water?
  • Conclusion and Top-10 Takeaways
  • Resources

The Sower: by Scott Rodin

If you care about giving or raising money for God’s work, this book is for you. The Sower, currently featured by the ECFA, outlines the realignment of priorities that places changed hearts above changed bank balances. It redefines development work as ministry in the Kingdom of God. And it replaces manipulative techniques and closing strategies with a dependence on prayer and relationship building as the essential tools for success.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Christian Fundraising: by Scott Rodin

What are the Seven Deadly Sins? How many Deadly Sins are you facing today? Do you know what they are? Do you have a strategy to avoid them in your ministry? Dr. Rodin unpacks a new way of looking at the dynamics of raising money for Christian work. Based on his 25 years of experience, he weaves sound biblical theology with practical experience to challenge anyone who works in Christian fundraising as a professional, pastor or volunteer. This book is now in its second edition.

Stewards in the Kingdom: by Scott Rodin

Dr. Rodin unpacks what it means for us to be stewards in the kingdom of the triune God of grace. This theology of the abundant life, which encompasses all aspects of our world, our life and our possessions, begins with the very being of our gracious Creator God. From there, Scott dismantles the myth of the two kingdoms and he crafts a portrait of faithful stewards who live as God’s children in his gracious kingdom. The book concludes with a discussion of the roles of church and family as stewards and provides a sound theology for the Christian fundraiser.

The Third Conversion: by Scott Rodin

This story is a call to ministry leaders, development professionals and every ministry supporter who cares about being a steward of what God has given us. Written in an engaging, fictional style, The Third Conversion will challenge the conventional way we raise and give money for Christian work.